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fresh seasonal citrus fruits

Available fresh fruits from our farm and from trusted friend farms. Citrus fruits season starts in October and finish in June. Citrus available: Blond Navelina, Blood Tarocco, Blond Valencia, Clementines and Mandarines. Thus Lemons and Grapefruits. Also, according to season, available Cactus fruits, Artichokes and Honey Mellon

extra virgin olive oil

Directly from our olive plants, we produce this monovarietal olive oil 'Nocellare Etnea', hearly harvest, handpickedcold pressed, bottled in different formats: from 5L to 0,25L.
Also available, only on request, fresh milled olive oil, unfiltered, in the months of November and december 

dried citrus peel and slices

Dried whole or ground citrus peel, various citrus slices processed in an electric dryer coupled with a PV system: used as natural flavors or snacks, without the use of dyes, preservatives or chemical agents

Part of our team is trained both internationally and locally, so they understand your needs and the environment in which you do business. The structure of our team offers you unique, artisan and organic products. Our ultimate goal is to offer you the typical Sicilian specialities to make your customers happy and satisfied
Melita and Giuseppe
Managing Directors
Melita Brancati and Giuseppe Buonanno are the founders and CEO of the company. Giuseppe In addition to running the company and setting overall product strategy, he is actively involved in many departments of the company such as Marketing, Advertising, Foreign Fairs and Labeling.
Fresh fruit Manager 
Carmelo is the company's first employee. In addition to being responsible for all company activities, he checks 'in the field' that fruits are ripe and organize the harvest and packaging. He ensures products are at the very highest standart levels.
Sebastiano, Jonathan, Agata and Francesca
Sebastiano e Jonathan are looking after orchard watering, pruning and harvesting, they work hard with tractors but also by hands. Agata and Francesca are the farm girls, occasionally work on the citrus packaging, mainly involved in our food processing department.

Citrus Harvest Time Table

Following our Sicilian Citrus Harvesting time. Just to give you an idea of our season production and availabilty. According to climate of the year, harvest time could vary from and to 15-20 days. Always ask first, prior to order your preferite product. 


Seedless Clementine
Blood orange Tarocco
Orange boxes
our company logo
Pruning time
ladybug our natural pest control
Citrus flowers: Zagara
mechanical weeding of weeds
Olive orchard
Farm tour
Farm tour
Swiss delegation at farm
Citrus harvesting
Citrus harvesting
Citrus harvesting
Jo Thomas author and her family visiting our farm
Olives harvest
Olives harvest
Olives harvest
Citrus selection
Our geen olives just handpicked
Extra Virgin Olive Oil 'Livanti' just bottled
Slow Food Market - Zurich (CH)
Lulù, private italian client
Dryed oranges
Dryed Clementines
Slow Food Market -Bern (CH)
Slow Food Market -Bern (CH)
Citrus boxes selection
Giuseppe at Slow Food Market - Zurich (CH)
Our partner: Delizie della Sicilia - Brienz (CH)
Valencia orange
Company buildings
Satsuma - hybrid mandarine
Mt. Etna from the farm
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