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Azienda Brancati - Organic Farm

about us

Our work steams from the desire to share with far away friends products that have always been used by our families, natural, organic, artisanal and without the use of additives.

We collect our fruit only when it is ripe, to offer you the sweetness, while they are rich in vitamins and antioxidants.

To ensure that it arrives fresh on your table, we collect it only upon your order, making it arrive in your place, in a few days.

Thus you will have the pleasure of tasting the true and incomparable taste of Sicilian production, in its healthy richness and authenticity
Available a wide assortment of organic citrus fruits: Satsuma, Mandarins, Seedless Clementines, Blonde Oranges and Red Oranges of Sicily. Also available Organic Extra-virgin Olive Oil and processed citrus peel and slices.
Our main customers are: small International Importers, specialized shops, food & beverage processors and end users gathered in buying groups. 
We offer a direct relationship with customers without intermediaries, we guarantee regular supplies of High Quality products.
The company is runned by a couple of professionals capable of responding to the new direct products marketing in an ever-changing globalised market.
Our goal is reliability in the supply of healthy, mature products at the right point with a fair price.        
For ordering and distribution, we use a network of agents located in different countries. 
Our century-old farm is situated on the ‘Piana di Catania’ at the foot of Mt. Etna, the largest volcano in Europe, and one of the most active in the world. As such, our beloved volcano regularly blesses the local fields with its marvelous mineral-rich ash, thereby nourishing the soil and our locally-grown products, endowing them with many unique and wonderful characteristics.
Company history
Brancati farm was purchased in1920 by Giuseppe Chisari.

The land was in poor condition and it was only Giuseppe who had the vision of the land’s potential. Giuseppe or ‘Pippino’ as he was affectionately known worked tirelessly on the farm. His vision he realised could not be achieved by working only on the farm. He needed funding to invest in the land development. By working with his horse and cart on nearby road building projects he saved enough money to buy one of the first diesel tractors in the area. By mechanising the farm he was able change the farm system.  At that time the farm production was wheat, olives and a few grapes (there is still evidence of wine production).

With much criticism from the other farmers ‘Pippino‘ planted the first thousand orange trees and some Mandarin trees. This was for his only daughter ‘Venera’ a cash crop for her future financial security. In the 1960’s Venera married a young doctor Dr.Giuseppe Buonanno.  

Giuseppe or ‘u dutturi‘ as he was known, had a full time General practice in the district.  Venera & Giuseppe lived on the farm, Giuseppe carried on with his family practice and spent much time working to develop the farm through innovation in his spare time.

By taking advise from friends, Professors at the University of Agriculture he was able to develop the farm. Increasing production and diversification the farm was at the forefront of modern agriculture in its time.

There is field where 40 different mandarin and clementine species were planted for arboriculture research. The targets being fruit quality, harvest optimization, fruit diversity and some of the first research into greener production methods. The farm has now the largest field of olive trees and the widest range of citrus fruits in the area.

Now a third generation of this family owned farm are embracing what is a ‘Global Economy’ to drive forward Pippino’s dream. The son of Venera & Giuseppe also called Giuseppe continues this family dream just as Pippino did by supplementing farm income by having an Architectural and Civil Engineering Co-oprative run from the farm buildings.

Now married to Melita the farm is able to benefit from a highly educated couple capable of taking-on the new challenge of direct marketing their products in an ever changing global environment. Coping with environmental standards, european law, reducing carbon footprints and above all producing World Class Quality Fruit.